Continued investment in reliable and knowledgeable staff now sees Highfields Mechanical able to offer a full auto electrical service and air conditioning installations and repairs service “In House” and mobile if required. This final piece of the puzzle and the proprietors continued confidence in the growth in Highfields, Toowoomba and Darling Downs region means Highfields Mechanical now affords you a ‘’One-Stop’’ vehicle repair service. With a fully qualified auto electrician and mobile facility for auto electrical and air conditioning breakdowns, Highfields mechanical is able to service all of your auto electrical and air conditioning needs.

Highfields Mechanical has a fully qualified auto electrician that can help you with the following

1.   Electrical repairs and diagnosis to all vehicles and equipment

2.   Electrical wiring and installation of accessories and equipment incl UHFs, Dual battery systems, and Electric Brakes

3.   Battery testing and replacement

4.   Vehicle restoration rewires

5.   Installation and wiring of driving lights

6.   Installation and wiring for reverse cameras, parking sensors, cruise controls, and Dash Cams

7.   Repairs to caravan electricals and lighting

8.   Repairs to caravan electric brakes and battery charging systems

9.   Air conditioning service and repairs to cars, and machinery and equipment

10. On site electrical and air conditioning service if you are unable to get your vehicles to us.

         Our auto electrician prides himself in quality work and a superior finish, resulting in jobs that are fully warranted and guaranteed, and give you a reliable long lasting result using quality electrical components and equipment.  

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Highfields Mechanical offers complete servicing on cars, 4WD, light commercial, diesel cars and trucks.

1/1 Darian Street,
Highfields, Qld, 4352.
Phone: (07) 4696 7116